Rewarding Safe Driving Through Technology

Distracted Driving Charges Filed Months after Bicyclist Killed in Minnesota

Distracted Driver Caused Deadly Crash In Lakewood

Police say a distracted driver caused a deadly crash in Lakewood, Colorado killing a mother and injuring her 9 year old son.

Family lives with distracted driving consequences

“The last thing that she was reading was, ‘this sucks I don’t know what to do without you, i’m in love with you.'”


Event Focuses on Dangers of Distracted Driving



Distracted Driver Hits and Kills Cyclist

Deadly distraction: school bus driver texting caused fatal crash

L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. restricts deputies’ use of in-car devices

L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy disciplined in fatal collision with cyclist in Calabasas

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Silence the Distractions!

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