#DontTextStopWrex is an educational campaign developed by the Milt Olin Foundation to curb the urge to use your smartphone while driving. In the U.S. during daylight hours, over 8% of drivers are on their phone. These drivers are 4 times as likely to cause a crash, and put everyone else on the road at risk. According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, motor vehicle crashes occur in any part of the world every 60 seconds.

Wrex is a thoughtless dinosaur that represents most drivers on the road. He is careless and fails to consider the consequences of texting, calling, and using apps while controlling a vehicle. We created #DontTextStopWrex as a way to vocalize and express the gravity of this issue through social media.

Join our movement by visiting StopWrex.com, educating yourself and others on ways to prevent these types of crashes, and sharing the information with friends, family, and loved ones. We are all vulnerable to the misbehavior of a distracted driver and be a part of the solution.

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