The Milt Olin Foundation’s mission is to eliminate distracted driving related fatalities and injuries. Through education, community awareness, collaboration and advocacy we are part of the solution to eradicate the distracted driving epidemic.

Our primary brand message is the #StopWrex movement. Wrex is a simple-minded dinosaur that is addicted to his phone. He serves as an example of what type of driver not to be on the road. Forest fires have their own mascot, Smokey the Bear. Our goal is for Wrex to be a universal symbol against distracted driving.

Wrex invites drivers to take the #HandsOff Pledge (online and via our app) and to act responsibly by being #HandsOff their mobile devices while driving.


Create a world where everyone drives with #HandsOff their mobile devices in an effort to eliminate distracted driving-related fatalities and serious injuries.

How we do it

Key Program Development Partners and Targets
  • Teen Drivers & Parents
  • Educational Institutions (high schools, colleges, driving schools)
  • Auto Manufacturers & Associations
  • The Cycling & Sports Communities
  • The Music Industry
  • DMV/Government Institutions
  • Auto Insurance Companies

Key Messages
  • Everyone is vulnerable to the misbehavior of a distracted driver
  • Distracted driving accounts for over 50% of all crashes by drivers 16-19.
  • More people are getting killed by distracted drivers than drunk drivers
  • “Don’t Text, Stop Wrex”
  • #HandsOff, the life you save may be mine

  • Develop strong media partnerships & create media opportunities
  • Twitter ad sponsorship and credits ($5000)
  • #StopWrex awareness campaign to drive social engagement and sharing
  • Increase number of people who download the #HandsOff app and take the pledge
  • Use social media to drive at-risk individuals to our message online
  • Develop a more in-depth #HandsOff curriculum and set of tools for parents and teens
  • leveraging the #StopWrex messaging
  • Develop #StopWrex PSA’s and campaigns to promote driver awareness to the dangers of distracted driving
  • Build presence at events to raise awareness and visibility
The Milt Olin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization.