The Milt Olin Foundation is dedicated to eliminating distracted driving-related fatalities and serious injuries through education, community awareness, collaboration and advocacy.


Create a world where everyone drives with #HandsOff their mobile devices in an effort to eliminate distracted driving-related fatalities and serious injuries.


Engage with Technologists

  • We are actively engaging with Tech companies to include safety notifications in their apps in order to remind drivers not to engage app usage while driving.
  • Work together with technologists to develop standard principles and practices and give ratings to mobile technology safety aspects.
  • Work to educate consumers to the dangers associated with distracted driving while using mobile devices.

Work with the Community

  • Educate motorists on the dangers of distracted driving
  • Be a central resource and catalyst for change within the business community.
  • Speak to High School students and encourage new drivers to join the #HandsOff movement, download the free #HandsOff App and encouraging their family and friends to do the same.
  • Encourage passengers to be designated texters for drivers.
  • Stay current and connected to all efforts to eliminate distracted driving-related fatalities and serious injuries.

Work with Government Authorities

Urge government entities, urban planners and transportation designers to design bike lanes and crosswalks to alert distracted drivers.

  • Support laws that hold the “automobile is always responsible” in auto vs. bike collisions.
  • Advocate for lower speed limits where cyclist ride and where there are unprotected bike lanes.
  • Support protected bike lanes by making the demarcation line between road and bike lane scored to alert a distracted driver.
  • Advocate for stiffer penalties for incidents causing deaths or serious injuries  involving a distracted driver.
  • Support laws that make it illegal to operate any electronic device while driving and encourage law enforcement to enforce this laws.

The Milt Olin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization.