The Milt Olin Foundation’s mission is to eliminate distracted driving related fatalities and injuries from our roads through education, community awareness, collaboration and advocacy. 


Create a world where everyone drives with #HandsOff their mobile devices, and where cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers share the road with mutual respect and awareness.


Key Program Development Partners and Targets

  • Teen Drivers & Parents
  • Educational Institutions (high schools, colleges, driving schools)
  • Auto Manufacturers & Associations
  • The Cycling & Sports Communities
  • The Music Industry
  • DMV/Government Institutions
  • Auto Insurance Companies

Key Messages

  • Everyone is vulnerable to the misbehavior of a distracted driver
  • Distracted driving accounts for over 50% of all crashes by drivers 16-19.
  • More people are getting killed by distracted drivers than drunk drivers
  • “Don’t Text, Stop Wrex”
  • #HandsOff, the life you save may be mine


  • Develop strong media partnerships & create media opportunities
  • Use social media to drive at-risk individuals to our message online
  • Develop curriculums and sets of tools for parents and teens
  • Develop PSA’s and campaigns to promote driver awareness to the dangers of distracted driving
  • Host events and rides to raise awareness and visibility
  • Connect with the online community with #DontTextStopWrex 
  • Create educated drivers through our #HandsOff App
The Milt Olin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization.