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“We have to do the best we can.
This is our sacred human responsibility.” Albert Einstein

Dear Friends:

It will be two years since Milt lost his life to a distracted LA County Sheriff on December 8th. This tragedy changed my life forever, as my sons and I struggle through our days without Milt – the beloved, dynamic epicenter of our family.

I launched the Milt Olin Foundation (MOF) with support from my sons, Chris and Geoff, and many friends. I want to thank our contributors, especially our friend, Ron Conway, whose extremely generous donation helped jumpstart our exciting new project called #HandsOff. You can post your videotaped pledge against Distracted Driving online, spreading it virally, and accrue redeemable points for music.

The MOF Team is a group of caring and talented people who have helped build a strong platform to launch a global movement ending Distracted Driving. Danny Kastner, our Creative Director, has been pivotal to the Foundation’s progress — guiding me since the beginning of this journey and extremely committed to our success. We can continue to correct this epidemic, working to unite technology and entertainment companies to partner towards a single outcome: End Distracted Driving.  The Foundation Roadmap is attached to give you an overview of our vision to build success over the next year.


We are engaging with various donors in conversation to identify how funds are being targeted and I’d be happy to reach out and present our plans at your convenience.

BE A PART OF OUR MOVEMENT AND JOIN US in our efforts to create change to save lives with your tax deductible donation.

Please go to to contribute

Thank you for your support,

Louise Olin

Milt Olin Foundation

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill


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The Milt Olin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization.