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Dear Friends:

As a cherished friend and supporter of Milt Olin, you know that he tragically lost his life in a fatal bicycle collision on December 8, 2013.  My family and I are incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement you have provided during this most difficult time.  We want to channel that outpouring of energy, love and concern into something positive and important so this senseless tragedy can help save the lives of others.  We are therefore excited to announce the launch of The Milt Olin Foundation. 

Since Milt’s death, I have a new set of eyes on the vulnerabilities that cyclists face every day on the road. It has been more than 7 months since Milt was cycling in the bike lane on Mulholland Highway  in Calabasas.  It was a cold, but sunny Sunday when Milt decided to go out for a short ride.  Before he left, I asked where he was riding (which I always did), we kissed goodbye, and said to each other, “I love you”.

Milt never came home. He was struck from behind by a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy, while in the bike lane on the 22000 block of Mulholland Hwy.  The impact was quite severe and violent, and the autopsy report states Milt died almost instantly from the impact.

Milt was the 4th cyclist to die on Mulholland Hwy in the last 4 years, and his death was the 34th bicycle fatality in Los Angeles County up until December 8, 2013.  The number of cyclist related deaths caused by motor vehicles is on the rise.  In the first 6 months of 2014, we’ve already had 46 deaths in Southern California and 19 deaths in Los Angeles County alone.

The Milt Olin Foundation is dedicated to eliminating distracted driving-related fatalities and serious injuries. How will we do this? Through education, community awareness, collaboration and advocacy related to this important issue. We will work with government agencies and cities, urging them to design and build roads for motorists and cyclists to safely share. We will advocate for lower speed limits where cyclists ride. We will educate motorists on the dangers of distracted driving. We will support and champion other organizations who share our mission. Our vision is a world with zero distracted driving- related fatalities.

We are eager to start, so we have partnered with a non-profit incubator by the name of Charitable Ventures. This partnership will allow us to begin our work and start to accept tax- deductible donations. During the incubation period, we will be known as “The Milt Olin Foundation Fund”.

As soon as The Milt Olin Foundation receives its non-profit determination letter from the IRS, we will leave the incubator and function independently as “The Milt Olin Foundation”.

We invite you to be a part of this important mission, by helping us launch The Milt Olin Foundation with donations and in-kind support as we begin our work. Attached is more information about how you can donate, and why this issue is so important.

With your help we can change the world — one road, one community and one state at a time, so that all cyclists are safe and see that this kind of tragedy will never happen again.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Louise Olin


How to Donate

Click this link and follow the directions.

The Milt Olin Foundation is fiscally sponsored by Charitable Ventures of Orange County, a 501(c)(3).