The Milt Olin Foundation is making a difference through collaboration and awareness…

The Milt Olin Foundation was founded after the death of Milt Olin a prominent Music Entertainment Attorney who in a split second lost his life due to the thoughtless distraction of an LA County Sheriff Deputy in December, 2013. The Milt Olin Foundation team, along with Milt’s widow Louise Olin, is committed to making our roads safe for everyone.


The Milt Olin Foundation created the “Stop Wrex!” campaign as a reminder to all drivers to put the phone down while driving. Wrex is notorious for driving distracted. Not only does he text while driving, he engages in other dangerous activities like taking selfies, using apps, eating, drinking, etc. Help us create a world with ZERO distracted driving fatalities and use Wrex as a reminder of how not to behave. Get involved by using the #DontTextStopWrex and #StopWrex hashtags on your social media!


Raising awareness and changing habits are vital to long-term distraction-free driving. The Milt Olin Foundation has created programs to educate teens & adults alike to make them aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving.  We are collaborating with all types of companies, such as App Companies, to generate #StopWrex messaging to reach the masses. Through partnerships and awareness campaigns we can reduce preventable, senseless deaths & injuries like the one that took the life of Milt Olin. We invite you to stand with us to help grow smart driver commitments. Please reach out to discuss how we can work together to save lives here.

The Milt Olin Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax exempt organization.